• Each model entered into the adult competition will require a £1.00 fee.


  • Juniors will pay £1.00 for unlimited models to be entered.


  • Medal Awards are for :   1st – Gold medal.     2nd- Silver medal.  Commended will be indicated on the competition tables but no award given.  The Junior Category is sponsored by Salisbury Model Centre and awards issued separately for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


  • Models are to be judged on Standard of construction ( from HPS 20), Standard of painting, decal and finish ( HPS 20), and overall accuracy or visual appeal ( HPS 20).  The Judges have final discretion which may be different from yours, please be appreciative of their task.


  • Single figures are to be entered in Class 5, more than a single figure constitutes a Vignette and therefore Class 6. A single figure to illustrate scale may accompany Class 3. If a vehicle is fully crewed and placed on terrain it will be judged as a Diorama regardless of model builder’s intent.


  • Juniors are those under 16 on  31st  May  2014.


  • In the spirit of an enjoyable and fair event members of Salisbury IPMS are not to enter the Competition.  Also any model that has been placed at the Salisbury Model Show in previous years is not eligible for re-entry.


  • Models for competition can be submitted from 08.30hrs till 12.15hrs. Failing to book in through the competition organizer will result in disqualification and removal of model from competition tables.


  • Judging will take place from 12.20hrs till 13.20hrs behind closed doors.  Results to be announced no later than 15.00hrs. To prevent parents having to spend a whole day at the show the junior results will be at 14.00hrs.  Once judging is complete all competitors are asked to leave there models in place until 15.30 to ensure members of the public can view the tables.


  • Any questions not answered above to be directed to Declan Sibley, Competition organizer.


‘It is a serious competition but don’t take it all too serious and spoil your day.’